Mentoring young offenders to reduce re-offending.

Case Study

I am so pleased with the progress that Rob has made. He has genuinely matured. He takes advice on board, and now puts thought into everything he does.
- Wandsworth Mentor
Jermaine has been attending all his probation meetings, signing on with Job Centre Plus and looking for work and his relationship with his parents is very good...
- Mary (Trailblazers Mentor)
Tim was very happy with the accommodation and attending all his probation meetings. Tim is enjoying his life and is eager to continue to lead a law-abiding lifestyle.
- Paul (Trailblazers Mentor)

Trailblazers Mentoring

Trail-Blazers Mentoring Ltd (known as Trailblazers) is a national charity that reduces re-offending among young people through providing volunteer mentors.

Established in 1998 we have grown to become one of England’s best established charities providing support both inside Youth Offending Institutions (YOIs) and on release into the community.

At Trailblazers we believe that each young person has the potential to lead a life free from crime and be a positive member of society. We reduce re-offending in young people by helping them change their attitude, thinking and behaviour through intensive mentoring, advice, advocacy and targeted specialist support.

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