Please Help To Support Our Work

We recognise that there are a huge number of charitable causes across the UK, all doing fantastic work and vying for support. Sadly, mentoring young offenders is not seen as a priority for many, but we firmly believe that mentoring can make a real difference. Reducing reoffending not only changes the life of the young offender but also the lives of all those around them – their families, friends and the communities in which they live, ultimately leading to less victims of crime.

Tackling offending at an early stage not only improves life experiences and relationships, but also makes sense financially; the average cost of a place in a young offender institution is £48,000 a year, compared to the unit cost to mentor a young person though the Trailblazers programme which is £2,398.

Unfortunately none of our work can take place without your help.

Fundraising can be an incredibly rewarding and fun experience, and there are many different ways you can get involved. It may be that you would like to organise an event, or take part in a sponsored event locally. Alternatively, you may be a member of a local group or association, or an employee of a company that chooses a charity of the year to support.

We would love to hear from you if you can help in any way at all, no matter how large or small.

All funds raised will provide vital support to young offenders and the communities into which they will be released.

Please contact our fundraising team on 07807 267280 or