HMYOI Aylesbury welcomes Heavy Weight Champion of the World, Anthony Joshua

In December, Anthony Joshua, MBE, visited the young men at HMYOI Aylesbury to hear their stories and share some words of encouragement.

Laura Boyle, HMYOI Aylesbury’s Acting Head of Reducing Re-offending, said: “Mr Joshua’s team approached us and said that Anthony would like to take time to meet with some of Aylesbury’s residents, hear their stories and share his own. “Anthony was keen to let our young men know that they weren’t forgotten by the wider community, that there are people who are willing to support and help those who are ready to change their lives.”

During the visit, he spoke in front of a large group of Aylesbury’s men, answering questions openly, honestly and frankly. His talk also included messages on the importance of personal drive, discipline and a positive mind-set.
The young men were able to identify with his experiences of growing up facing challenging situations and he spoke about each man identifying as an individual, understanding what they want to achieve; surrounding themselves with people who want them to succeed and will help them to do so.

Laura said: “During Anthony’s visit he was incredibly generous with his time, his enthusiasm and his determination to see others be the best they can be. His message carried a key theme of hope. Hope for making the most of time in custody, hope for change and hope for the future.

“The visit was a huge success and endorsed everything we are trying to achieve at Aylesbury – making it safer, more decent and more rehabilitative so that our residents can turn their lives around. We’re looking forward to welcoming Anthony and his team back in the future.”