Trailblazers Achieves Quality Standards

Trailblazers has achieved the Investors in People (IiP) standard; the Mentoring & Befriending Foundation (MBF) Approved Provider Standard and the Investing in Volunteers (IiV) standard for the delivery of our mentoring, through the gate and resettlement service.

The achievement of these nationally recognised quality standards really underpins the quality of the delivery of our work and the investment we put in to our people - whether they are employees or volunteers.

Steve Matthews, Chief Executive, Mentoring & Befriending Foundation says:

"Having met the team at Trailblazers I am incredibly struck at their professionalism, dedication and commitment to help young offenders leaving prison. It can be an incredibly tough group of young people to engage, but what their assessment has shown is not only are they effective, but the impact of their volunteer mentors and resettlement programme is absolutely key to their success and it works. We are keen to continue to work alongside Trailblazers to help them maintain their high standards as they continue to develop their work across England."

Jeff Pullen, Investors in People Specialist says:

"I am very pleased to be working with the senior management team at Trailblazers, coaching them to be able to develop their people so that they can deliver the vision that they have to help their volunteers to manage the aspirations of their young people.

The work of Trailblazers is really important and only possible to achieve in a people focused business, something that they defiantly are. I am looking forward to working with them over the next couple of years as they deliver their business plan and help them achieve their aspirations of becoming a recognised Gold IiP organisation."

Jane Holdsworth, Investing in Volunteers Assessor says:

"I have very much enjoyed working with the team at Trailblazers during their journey to become an Investing in Volunteers organisation. I am particularly impressed with the staff who supervise volunteers and the volunteer mentors whom have I come in to contact with; their professionalism, commitment and dedication to the young offenders whom they mentor. Trailblazers delivers a very well structured and supported volunteer model in what can be a very challenging prison environment. The organisation and mentors are highly regarded both by the prison service and the young prisoners themselves and I am delighted that Trailblazers is part of our Investing in Volunteers achievers club."